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IT Support

IT Support

IridiumITI is a division of Onyx Investigation and Security Inc. and provides the majority of digitally-related services.  Whether you need us once, once in a while, or on a regular basis, IridiumITI has a variety of services to suit your needs.

We specialize in "making data make sense", simplifying processes, streamlining your technology, and the recovery and analysis of data.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

Not everyone wants (or needs) to buy new equipment every time their personal or business needs change.  Sometimes you can make your devices and equipment work for you longer by upgrading the hardware (i.e. increasing the amount of memory in a laptop or desktop), installing software specific to your needs, or changing the operating system.

Swapping out a hard drive or installing a new operating system isn't rocket science but it can be tricky, it does take patience and time, and you need the right tools.  before you attempt a "do-it-yourself" solution, consult with us so we can make sure your favourite laptop doesn't become a paperweight.

Let IridiumITI assess your short-term and long-term requirements, and make sure you have the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Computer Health Check

Most devices, over time, become cluttered with "electronic debris" such as out-of-date files, installation programs that are no longer needed, duplicate data, cookies, orphaned registry records and, of course, one type of malware or another.  All this excess eventually slows down the computer and takes up valuable space on your hard drive, not to mention the actual damage malware can cause.

If your computer seems slow or it's "acting funny", let IridiumITI assess your device and identify your options for getting it back to normal.  After your device's check-up, we can advise on ways to keep it healthy and working at its optimum while protecting it (and you) from malware.

Custom Configurations

One of the great features of technology is the ability to customize just about everything!  One of the downsides is that just about everything can be customized and it's hard to even know where to start!

IridiumITI can help with all types of customization including:

  • User and Security settings to ensure privacy
  • Usability settings to assist with mobility and dexterity issues, impaired vision or hearing and language preferences
  • Specific settings to accommodate a network environment (at home, at work or on-the-road)
  • Configurations to optimize the use of multiple devices
  • Custom settings to reflect your business and your personality (such as Welcome screens, wallpaper, power optimization and more)

Make the most of what your device has to offer!