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Onyx Security

Onyx Investigations and Security Inc. provides two types of Security services for Individuals and Businesses - Private Event Security and Premise Security.  Based on your needs, security personnel can be provided in "plain-clothes" or "uniformed", and uniform attire can be modified to suit your event.

Our security personnel are fully trained, insured and licensed with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS).

Private Event Security

Typical Events where security may be needed include Weddings, Funerals and other family Celebrations, corporate functions, Product Launches and Fund Raisers.  We are the ideal choice for smaller events where the capacity is about 200 people.

Our security can perform Access Control based on a minimum age requirement, a specific guest list (including keeping uninvited persons out), as well as maximum capacity limitations of the venue.

We can also assist with Crowd Control, conduct a pre-event Safety Check (checking fire extinguishers and emergency exits), provide Emergency First Aid, and conduct Incident Management in the case of an emergency (including providing reports as necessary to the police or other emergency services).

Depending upon the type of event, we can also verify that all staff have valid Smart Serve certifications, ensure that minors do not consume alcohol, and safeguard the collection of money at the door.

Our Security personnel can be in full security uniforms, modified uniforms to better "blend-in" with the event, or plain-clothes (note that specific requirements must be met in order to provide plain-clothes security).  All personnel arrive on-site with the equipment necessary to do their job.

Premise Security

On-Site and Mobile security personnel are available to monitor your property (such as your home while on an extended leave or your business).  We provide these services under Emergency situations (i.e. last minute needs) and short-term.  All personnel are provided in full uniform and written status reports are included.